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Setting out

  • June 4, 2022June 15, 2022
  • Journal
  • 3 min read
scenic view of the field from the road

Hi there! 👋

After a rather long hiatus away from blog writing (my last post on En Route To Fluency was way back on November 30, 2016), I decided to jump back in again with a fresh coat of paint and a new domain.

So, why get back into it and on a new domain?

Primarily because I am in a very different spot now than I was when writing En Route to Fluency. In the last few years, I’ve moved back to the U.S. from Taiwan and have started on a path in software development–moving from a “getting my feet wet as a manual quality assurance engineer” to senior developer, and, most recently, landing in a management role. As my journey and ultimate path is different now, I wanted to get writing again and share insights along the way, things I’ve learned, and work in the open. A guiding principle comes from this comment made by my graduate school professor on writing:

你要開始寫,否則你會不知道你在缺甚麼東西。You better start writing, otherwise you won’t know what you’re missing.

Writing for me is a great way to collect my thoughts and learnings, as well as a way to take an observational view when reflecting back during the writing process, or during investigations as I am writing and learning.


Recently I also have had other inspirations that has motivated me to get back into writing again.

First up is Ali Abdaal, who got me started thinking about blogging again. I can’t recall exactly what video of theirs I started watching, but as I read more into their background and their motivations for starting a blog, the more inspired I felt to get started again.

Additionally, Ali shared a book that inspired them to get started on their journey, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon. I recently finished reading it as well (full review and commentary coming in a future post) which further pushed me to just get out there and get writing again.

Finally, there is Flavio Copes who writes on technology. They put together this great guide for creating a successful blog, and one sentence stood out to me:

If you write about things you always wanted to write about, and would even write if no one is reading, then you are on the right track.

This was the final push for me: what I want to write about are topics I am passionate about, just as I was with learning Chinese on En Route to Fluency.

I am looking forward to continuing on in the journey, and I am super excited to share everything I learn, the challenges I face, and great resources that further support growing along the way.

Thanks for reading!